Friday, 15 July 2016

PCSO says - "No filming in Council buildings"

Since 2014, I've filmed Council meetings and interactions with the Council, despite their protestations that I needed their "consent to film". This paid off when in 2015, the Council relented and officially permitted the filming of Council meetings, and they also recognised the right to film in Public places, of which Council buildings are.

It is therefore frustrating, when PCSO's tell members of the Public, that they cannot film. Not because of any particular law, but because there is a sign say 'filming is prohibited'

This is what happened when we point out that the sign has no validity in law.


  1. I have found that Council buildings (and most gov buildings, inculding Courts) are NOT Public, as they rent them from companies such as Trillion and Serco; therefore private... Been challanging this for years. Thats why G4S protect them. Also note as its private even police have to ask permission too.

  2. This Council building is Council (Public) owned. But it's irrelevant anyway, because there is no law that prohibits filming in any building, with the exception of a Court.

    It is a public building when it has Public access, which was the case here as it was open for a Public meeting.

    There is no requirement to get someone's consent before filming them, this a myth.

    However, harassing someone is a different matter, for which there is a law.

    But it's perfectly lawful to film someone who is conversing with you, as in the case here.

    The Police cannot tell you to stop filming whilst they are filming you.