Sunday 7 August 2016

Merseyside Police Officer 2293 gets a bit hostile at the Knowsley Flower show.

At the Knowsley Flower show, watching the awards with a few friends, one who had a banner out that stated how Knowsley Council blacklists local residents for standing up for their beliefs, when we were approached by a Police Officer, who was quite nice at first. But then got a bit unfriendly when I opened my mouth.

Here's what happened anyway.

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Merseyside Police Officer attacks disabled man

"On the 28th of July 2016 at around 1pm, PC Phillip Towers 8008 of St Anne Street Police Station Disruption Team, suddenly attacks a 7 stone disabled man outside Liverpool Crown Court.

This video is filmed seconds after the man was shoved in the chest, then violently grabbed and pushed to the floor, landing on his back and head.

The officer then jumped on the man 'Towering over him' on all fours.

The Officer 'PC Towers' was appearing in court at the time, and had been returning to court with two fellow officers; also witnesses in the case. They were returning from the shops after being told not to confer.

The case was as an Appeal at the Crown Court and the disabled mans friend was the Defendant in the case. She was appealing her conviction of a Public Order section 5 offence and for assaulting PC Towers and another officer from the disruption team. She maintains she is innocent and he assaulted her and has the evidence and witnesses, but was still found guilty again the following day.

The disabled man was arrested for a PO section 5 despite only talking to the officer a respectful distance away when the officer suddenly and wildly attacked!!

Is this Liverpool's most violent copper?

Did you witness this incident?

Do you know of any other similar incidents?

If so please contact or visit at Justice Watch on Facebook"