Wednesday 21 December 2016

Knowsley Council Meeting - 14th Dec 2016

The Knowsley Council meeting on 14th Dec 2016.

Highlights include:

Lib Dem Ian Smith opposing the use of 'fixed term tenancies' for social housing, whilst Labour's Graham Morgan berates him for this because Cllr Smith was against the building of new homes on the greenbelt?? (relevant how?)

Knowsley Council don't have any Social Housing, it's owned by KHT.

Cllr O'Keefe moves a 'Healthy weight declaration', and Council leader Andy Moorehead seconds the motion with a politically incorrect comment that he "puts his full weight behind it."

That's a lot of weight then, is my politically incorrect response. :-)

Cllr Smith against the additional position to assign a Cabinet Member Special Responsibility Allowance (i.e. 1.5 x Basic Allowance) pro rata until the end of the current municipal year.

Council leader Andy Moorehead says Cllr Smith is being incongruous and the Knowsley Lib Dem party is crass.

Cllr Murphy accuses Cllr Cashman of not "understanding City Regions"

Cllr Cashman ask the leader for an update on the Prescot fire in Carr Lane, but he gets heckled by Labour Councillors when he tries to ask a supplementary question.

The arrogance of Cllr Morgan, when he states that "over the next four years, this Council will deliver more than 700 new homes......", "am I going slow enough for you (Cllr Cashman)?"

First off, the Council are NOT building any homes, ALL these new homes are being built by PRIVATE companies.

The Lib Dems are against building homes on the greenbelt, and yet the Labour response to this is to try and make the issue about 'vulnerable children'. A bit of emotional blackmail I'd say.

"The building of houses on the greenbelt will bring in a million pounds a year on Council tax, of which we will spend on vulnerable children"

Yes, whatever.

Cllr McGlashan seems to be a professional heckler, and it seems the majority of Labour Councillors will use every opportunity to have a go at Cllr Cashman and Knowsley Lib Dems.

The DISRUPTIVE behaviour of Labour Councillors, who heckle and intimidate Lib Dem Councillors is astonishing, when you consider that residents have been BANNED from attending meetings for much less.