4th June 2016 - Man is assaulted by Police at football match

24th April 2016 - Knowsley Council Leader secretly films me from Council Offices

8th April 2016 - The Knowsley Greenbelt Tale

6th April 2016 - Mike is 'responsible for security' - without an SIA LICENCE

6th Feb 2016 - "Anyone can ban anyone from doing anything" says Merseyside Police Inspector

6th Jan 2016 - Members of the Public assaulted at Council Meeting

6th Jan 2016 - Knowsley Council (reconvened) Meeting

16th Dec 2015 - Knowsley Council Meeting

22nd May 2015 - Knowsley Council Meeting

2nd May 2015 - Amanda's Arrest - The Old Bank.

2nd May 2015 - Craig's Arrest - The Old Bank.

14th April 2015 - Albert Dock security threatens to confiscate mobile phone.

11th Feb 2015 - Police are asked why they are randomly stop and searching people.

18th Dec 2014 - Member of public ordered to stop filming Council meeting.

1st Dec 2014 - MP George Howarth threatens to call Police on me for filming.

13th Nov 2014 - Knowsley Greenbelt Public Meeting - Huyton.

7th June 2014 - Merseyside Police "walk into house and assault youth"

27th May 2014 - People v The Banks - Conviction beats eviction

2nd Aug 2013 - Litter Enforcement Officer tries to fine pensioner

12th April 2013- Huyton Anti- Bedroom Tax Demo

24th July 2012 - Merseyside Police Matrix Officer "slaps man", caught on hidden camera.

7th March 2011 - Birkenhead - Police dog bites man

7th March 2011 - Birkenhead - Who Polices the Police?

7th March 2011 - Birkenhead - Lawful Rebellion-Arrest the Judge

5th June 2009 - Stop and Search record Huyton Police station

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