Friday 1 October 2021

Police Employees and Public Servants sacked, or charged or convicted of an offence 2009 to 2021 - V41.

The latest list of Police Employees and Public Servants sacked, charged or convicted of an offence 2009 to 2021, Version 41.

LINK: Police Officers dismissed/charged/convicted of an offence 2009 to 2021 Version 41


  1. this is the real reason why they wont put anyone in prison. because the cops are it themselves.

  2. The truth is they defend corruption with their lives, I as a victim of crime have solid evidence that Police edited Body Worn Video footage, I have the Inspector on recorded call stating what he saw in that footage yet none of that is anywhere to be seen, I have proven where they cut it, that it was sent across force borders to a 21 Million pounds forensic facility, Police deny that yet the video copies (2) i have both open with the logo of the other force and the name of that facility stating 'Scientific support regional imaging Unit editing department' They also edited numbers onto the PC's arm and cut out the lie he told about not having his epaulettes on, they had to cut my reaction out as it was clear he didn't which would have proven false imprisonment and strengthen the alleagations of corruption I had made due to him hiding his identit, allowing witnesses to walk away unquestioned and the fact they did little to show they were listenning to my side of the story which was far more serious than the other, I was assaulted and had my phone stolen due to the evidence I had just filmed on it.
    Police went on to 'lose/fail' to secure CCTV, I had predicted on day 1 that would happen, they confirmed it 6 months later... The had reassured me it was to be secured on day 1
    After Police broke every procedure in their code of ethics in stonewall ignoring my complaints, even those that went through the IOPC they then assigned an Inspector, he turned out to be the accused PC's team boss, it also came to light that one of the PC's from the morning of the incident was installed to lead the case despite me accusing them of corruption at least 3 times (evidenced in what remains of the BWV) Police admit that was wrong verbally.
    The Inspector threatens me with sickening charges that I have a recorded call (gained with consent) that proves he knew full well they were absolutely baseless, to be clear nothing even in the realm of what he stated "so far the the offences for you are sexual touching of Females..." nothing to do with any Females whatsoever or any touching had been even remotely suggested to me in the near 6 months prior, not in the logs, not in the BWV footage...
    To top it off there is a prime lead, the colleague of the guy that assaulted me directly under a CCTV camera... he stated that he knew what I said was true, that he had been told and so I called Police the very next day and 80+ times of asking to date and not one acknowledgement, they hang up... The inspector told me he would get the guys details clearly showing an intention to question him and they just haven't.

  3. I have spoken to the DCI of Professional standards who by his own admission doesn't usually take calls, so why with me? I spoke to the head of the Information compliance dept many times to try and fathom what happened to the BWV, I have him admitting it was edited, I ask who did that and he says I don't know, this guy said he had been in his job around 20 years, that he loved it yet days after I revealed his admissions and the evidence and lies I had uncovered he had 'left the employ of the Police...
    There was a Police solicitor involved later on, she kept trying to force this through local resolution, a process where no misconduct charges can be brought and that is why these lists are only a shadow of the real truth, I am persistent though and I uncovered wrong doings on her part, she stated that it had been agreed due to the fact I cannot trust her that an Independent Barrister would oversee proceedings, I immediately asked for this persons name, address, business info and it wasn't forthcoming, I predicted it would simply be the Solicitor herself or a colleague and due to them knowing I would push for details they shamelessly and unlawfully just forgot that and she carried it out and threw it out with not a single question answered, none of the concrete evidence answered, no we dont agree with this evidence because... just absolute ignorance of it...

    There was apparently a report done by the PSD, the DCI told me of it in one of 2 recorded calls (he hung up in both when I began asking questions on the evidence yet the calls show I am as calm and reasonable as can be... I asked for a name of who did the report and he gave a name, when I said i would be contacting them he backtracked, I asked for a copy of the report to which he had promised in the 1st call would answer all my questions, he refused to give me it.
    What shocked me to my core and took a lot of the fight I did have away (I mean nearly threw me over the edge) is that when this went to the IOPC, the evidence and all they simply said all of your questions have been answered in the report... They knew full well that the DCI refused to give me that, they had the recorded calls, I sent them.
    These are the people installed by our government to govern the Police, to ensure integrity and they are nothing but a screen, if public outrage is brewing they will act to quell it but that it appears goes as far as keeping serious corruption out of the public domain. Editing BWV footage and there is far far more in this case that I want to put on here, so many proven lies such as the 2 PC's, one stated I had thrown a punch yet her colleagues full report of the incident does not mention it at all, further I stated I didnt at a time that Police led me to believe the CCTV was safe and secure yet that PC has been shielded from my questions, in fact since the day of the incident despite being wrongly installed as Investigating Officer she has not made live contact once, no statement, failed to get CCTV, allowed witnesses to walk away despite me stating they are right there and failed to question a prime lead who I described as gold dust in a case like this... I had also stated that his testimony would highly likely prove the officer lied regards the punch she claimed she saw on the CCTV (Which she then failed to secure)

  4. The lies the head of the ICU told regards the process for BWV footage proves clearly they are guilty, he stated it went away to another force and later denied saying that, both on record... I called this other force and they stated that it just wouldn't happen. that their police generally redact/edit their own footage yet all the proof I have shows my lowly footage went to that facility and I have no answers why? Where the Force of that area says it just wouldn't happen yet the footage opens with that address and the admission from the head of ICU that it went to them to boot.
    With all of the evidence together including the inspectors comments that agree that the things I said happened did happen It is proven beyond doubt but the issue is its too much for the public to hear and thats why they all want it buried. All Police policy states that they must engage and answer questions and allegations swiftly to maintain public trust, in fact that is one of the cornerstones of Police ethics but the truth is when it's too big, where gross misconduct is proven over multiple officers and departments they cannot and will not let it get out and this is something that this country needs to understand fully. Police systems are designed to fail complaints. I had thought maybe its just my local force but after the IOPC backed them up I saw exactly how big this is, local resolution and the willful ignorance, the levels of barriers they put up, failing policy 10's of times over, this where I know that I have a cast iron will, respectfully I know I have fought far harder than the average person would care to do and that only tells me that 1000's upon thousands of misconduct charges are potentially being thrown to the floor without a shred of fairness every single year... Before the Sarah Everard case I predicted to the Police that in the years ahead the public would rise up, I told them that i struggle to believe this is the only case they have attempted to cover up and what now, auditors are on the rise, people are speaking out but the truth is cases such as this need to see the light of day in order to make the harsh changes necessary, Police believe right now that they can get away with it and they need, I need to show them no you cannot.
    Solicitors I hear you ask, I'm not the most clued up on that, I have been crying out for guidance but the ones that I did talk to just want the simple things like false imprisonment, they seem scared to go against the Police and twice I heard the expression that Police have a blanket of immunity, that from two different solicitors, what on earth is going on in this country if Police are allowed to tamper with evidence, corruption of the highest order and again I must emphasise that I was the victim of crime, they can act corruptly, endanger and ruin lives and yet they are immune from that?
    I struggle day to day bringing my kids up in this kind of world and i'll carry on this fight if I can find the right guidance and help to do so, I can only foresee that the masses, auditors, you-tube, protests are the way forward now? The Police told me the information I have is mine to do as I please with so I just need the platform, I can't help but think though that a solicitor who would take this on would win hands down and then the story would be 10 fold what it is right now.

  5. Theres a chap on you tube called Ian Gould i think, he should be able to help, not scared of the police and takes them on head first to get justice from this corrupt group/gang..hope you have some goodluck...

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