Saturday 29 October 2022

More vaccinated people died in 2021, than unvaccinated, according to official statistics.

In the first six months of 2021, 265,982 people died in England.

Of those 265,982, 161,848 had one or more doses of a Covid 19 vaccine and 101,134 had not had a Covid vaccine (or had one not within 21 days)

Deaths with Covid 19 not involved, 149,531 were vaccinated and 65,170 were unvaccinated.(or had one dose not within 21 days)

Deaths involving Covid 19, 38,964 were unvaccinated (but could have a dose, just not within 21 days) and 12,317 were vaccinated, but not it seems, prevented from hospitalisation or death.

Of those 51,281 Covid deaths, 37.4% were unvaccinated (or had one dose not within 21 days) and 35.8% had one or more jabs.

Deaths by vaccination status 2nd Jan 2021 to 2nd July 2021 - Office for National Statistics