Friday 29 July 2011

85 yr old gets six months for videoing in a Public place - FREE Norman Scarth!

Norman Scarth (pictured) is 85 years old, and a World war II veteran. In his latter years of life, he finds himself still fighting tyranny, as in his retirement his life has ben hijacked by constant harrassment and targetting by the bullying authorities and Police.

This is the kind of oppression that he and so many others fought against, many dying in the process.

Norman was jailed in July 2011 for SIX MONTHS, for an alledged "contempt of court" when he was found video recording his own court porceedings, (are there not CCTV cameras in every "court").

This is an evil and barbaric way to treat an 85 year old man! Norman is currently in Armley prison in Leeds. You can write to him at;

Norman Scarth A1903 CF
HMP Leeds,
Leeds LS12 2TJ

Help Norman Scarth

There will be a protest outside the prison demanding Norman is released, on Sat 13th Aug 2011 at 10am, Please do your best to show support for Norman.