Wednesday 13 January 2016

Knowsley Council BAN members of the Public from Council meetings

Knowsley Council have written letters to two members of the Public who attended the Council meeting on 6th Jan 2016, BANNING them from all future Council meetings for six months, unless they sign a commitment to not disrupt in future.

Peter Forrest, one of the six banned individuals, rejected all of the claims.

The letter alleged his behaviour was likely to have ‘harassed, alarmed or distressed’ councillors or staff, and that he failed to stop when asked.

The Council accused him of obstructing the Mayoress on her way out. Peter said: “I’ve done nothing wrong. The threatening letter is a weak attempt to stop people finding out what the council are doing. There’s no transparency. We can’t have a council who people can't ask questions of".

It is believed that the Council intend to ban a total of six Knowsley residents from Council meetings, but as of yet only three people have received letters from the Council.

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