Sunday 10 January 2016

Knowsley Council (reconvened) Meeting 6th Jan 2016

A controversial and boisterous meeting as Knowsley Councillors vote to release 1000 acres of Knowsley greenbelt for housing developments.

Thirty members of the Public were not allowed in to the meeting by the Council, one resident was barred without good reason he says, and accusations of assault by security guards were also made by members of the Public.

This meeting was reconvened after the adjournment of the meeting on the 16th Dec 2015 - Knowsley Council Meeting 16th Dec 2015

Knowsley Council 'deferred' most of the items on the agenda from the adjourned meeting until the next Council meeting, and used the reconvened meeting just to approve the local plan.

In 2010 the Council consulted on the Knowsley Core Strategy “Issues and Options” Report 26.

The report sought the views of stakeholders on a number of issues, including how the Borough should meet its future development needs.

Three Strategic Spatial Options were presented, which were:

Option A “Urban Concentration” – this option would focus investment in development and infrastructure in Knowsley‟s existing urban areas. There would be no urban expansion into Green Belt land and neighbouring authorities would have to meet residual development needs.

Option B “Focused Urban Regeneration” – this option would also focus development in the existing urban area, with a focus on deprived areas and regeneration opportunities. Residual development needs would also need to be met in neighbouring authority areas under this option

Option C “Sustainable Urban Extensions” – this option would initially focus development in the existing urban areas, with changes to Green Belt boundaries

Knowsley Council voted for option C.

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