Monday 9 May 2011

Matrix Gun Officer Sgt Charlie Tennant SACKED

Sgt Charlie Tennant of Merseyside Police's Matrix Disruption Unit has been sacked for gross misconduct in Public Office.

Tennant 43, is suspected of stealing items from homes that the Matrix raided and then selling the items on Ebay, he is currently on bail.

This Officer was the main protagonist in my unlawful arrest on May 27th 2009

Three other Officers are currently suspended and on bail.

Source: Liverpool Echo


  1. Hi Paul; a claim by you against the police authority would be a formality I would assume, their case would have no creditability - let them have it with both barrels - sorry for the pun!! Good luck.

  2. Cheers Fred!

    They have already admitted liabilty, I'm just waiting for an apology, my DNA and fingerprints destroyed and reasonable compensation.

  3. Hi, I'm new here, but I have a little info' you might like to know about Paul. During course training for the position of Responsible Adult I had an interesting argument with a copper who had come to lecture on police powers. I was astonished when, during our discourse, he advised me that regardless of how they are acquired, once taken, fingerprints are never destroyed under any circumstances.

    The argument came about through my objection and indignation at this news and his assertion that it was okay if “I didn't break the 'law'”. Well as we all know that argument is flawed and opens a right can of worms. I was amazed at this guy’s apparent naivety and acceptance that such an act did not have the possibility for very real and dire consequences.

    I don’t know about DNA, but you should check both out.

    Sorry to go on,


  4. Hi Ed,

    I could quite believe that it's a secret policy never to destroy fingerprints, I certainly wouldn't put it past them. But the way I'm seeing it, is that they have officially informed me that both my fingerprints and DNA have been destroyed, so if it ever comes to light that this is a lie, I will no doubt be suing them once again.

    I too am amazed at the naivety of many Police Officers and other Public servants, who also seem to consider themselves intelligent, despite that naivety.