Wednesday 10 February 2016

Love Activist supporter on trial said "“What law states I can’t feed the homeless people, please?”"

Amanda Doyle, aged 27 asked Police Officers “What law states I can’t feed the homeless people, please?

Amanda, was seen by Police throwing sandwiches up to occupiers standing on the balcony inside the former bank, the empty building that had been occupied by the "Love Activists", and told officers:

“I’d like to feed them, if that’s alright with you.”

PC Ian Hayhurst, who arrested Doyle, informed her to “be careful”, to which she replied, “why do I need to be careful?

“Am I going to be at risk if I give these guys food? You work for me, for us, for him, her, her, her, her...”

Moments later, Doyle was arrested after police alleged she breached a Section 35 notice for “contributing or being at risk of contributing to harassment, alarm or distress to members of the public”.

That prompted a large melee, the court was shown on video, with supporters shouting “Assault, assault, assault!” and then yelling “police brutality, get your hands off her!”

PC Hayhurst said he felt intimidated after detaining Doyle, of Woolfall Crescent, Huyton, as mobile phones were held up in his face.The officer said: “I felt very intimidated.

Richard Brigden, representing Doyle, suggested to Merseyside Police officers giving evidence that his client’s behaviour had been “polite and respectful”. He claimed police had not correctly followed legal procedures when ordering people to leave the area.

The anti-austerity sit-in started on April 18 and ended weeks later, on May 12 when police entered the premises.

The trial continues.


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