Friday 6 March 2015

Merseyside Policewoman jailed for 22 months.

Merseyside WPC Helen Jones was today jailed for 22 months for Misconduct in public office, after seizing CCTV footage of Steven Gerrard as a 'tool to blackmail'. Jones obtained footage of a street bust up involving Gerrard, using her warrant card whilst on a 'career break'
The 32 year old from Chatham in Kent was jailed for her role in a blackmail plot to 'embarrass' Steven Gerrard. Jones had argued that she got hold of the CCTV for "philanthropic" reasons to help out a friend of a friend but that was rejected by judge Baker at a previous hearing where he said Jones acted for others out of "base motives", possibly as a lever to extort money and "embarrass" Gerrard.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy O’Connor, said Merseyside Police will not tolerate such criminal behaviour. This former officer let down her colleagues whom day in, day out, provide a professional and quality service to members of communities across Merseyside.

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