Monday 1 December 2014

Video: Knowsley MP George Howarth gets angry at being filmed.

I visited Knowsley MP George Howarth at his surgery in Huyton, to ask him why he was making untrue comments about me in emails to constituents. George immediately became angry, before I had even spoke, at the fact that I had a video camera with me. I commenced filming George once he became angry and threatened to call Police. Here's the full story and exactly what happened.


  1. Who is he supposed to be representing if you cannot talk to him - he won't accept petitions on behalf oh his constituents - what the hell is he doing being an MP ? Can you ask Mr Howarth this next time you DONT have a conversation with him

  2. Good question Mags. My local MP refuses to talk to me, one of his constituents, because I have a camera. He's okay with being filmed in the houses of parliament isn't he.

    Thing is, if I had not of had a camera, I could not have proved his behaviour So I am glad a had one.