Friday 2 August 2013

Litter Enforcement Officer in Huyton

Whilst at a Public meeting in Huyton, we became aware of a Pensioner being 'issued' a £70 fine for allegedly dropping a cigarette. Now whilst I do not agree with anyone dropping litter, I and members of the Public felt it to be way over the top to bully a pensioner and try to extort money from him, rather than asking him to simply pick it up.

Here's what happened.


  1. knowsley council at its finest acting illegaly against members ov public bullie boys they are

  2. I only know of 4 casesin Prescot. One my mother who is a pensioner with a broken arm who dropped a cigarette butt (& was followed out of Tesco by the 'inspector'). Another was a pensioner.. Another was a pensioner who was deaf. And the last one was a pensioner suffering from cancer, who didn't drop any litter but actually picked it up off the floor & was fined. How do they think pensioners can afford to pay £75. Well done Knowsley, really tackling the menace in our society!!

  3. Seems that they are picking on the ones who are unlikely to fight back.