Thursday 2 May 2013

Bedroom Tax/Council Tax - Walk of shame Protest Huyton

BEDROOM TAX/COUNCIL TAX. Peaceful Demo & Walk of Shame - Tues 7th May 2013 @12.30pm in Huyton Village.

"If you have had enough of this Government's attacks on decent people, if you have had enough of Council's silence and lack of support for the people, putting their masters in London before the vulnerable and suffering residents of their own Borough. Then please show your support and join us for a walk of shame to Knowsley Council.

Let's show this Council and this unelected Government, that we will not stand for these vile attacks and persecution.

Please, put everything to one side, we cannot let this go on any longer. Let these smug Councillors know, that if they don't stand up with us the people, against the millionaires in Government, then they will not be representing us come May 2014!

Please show your support, we are meeting at Huyton Post Office at 12.30pm.

We are all in this together. :-)"


  1. A YouTube video of the event.

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