Saturday 20 June 2009

Charity bike ride to Wigan

A group of lads from Parbrook Road in Huyton took part in a sponsored bike ride to Wigan today in support of a neighbour in need. They planned to ride the 16 miles from Huyton to the JJB stadium in Wigan.

After a 3 hour ride, the lads succesfully accomplished their feat, but not without a mishap or two along the way.

Here's a short clip of one of the lads taking a nasty tumble.

©The Huyton Freeman 2009


  1. haha funniest thing I ever saw! Well done for making it to Wigan!!

  2. The Charity Bike Ride to Wigan was an incredible journey filled with camaraderie, determination, and a shared passion for making a positive impact. Pedaling through picturesque landscapes, participants not only conquered physical challenges but also collectively raised awareness and funds for a noble cause. The event showcased the power of unity, proving that when people come together with purpose, they can create lasting change. Kudos to everyone involved for turning a simple bike ride into a meaningful and inspiring endeavor!

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