Wednesday 4 November 2015

Amanda's Trial for 'feeding the hungry' - Adjourned until Feb 2016

Amanda was in court today to face charges that she 'failed to comply with a Sec 34 dispersal order'. The trial was adjourned as the Police turned up without any evidence. Judge Andrew Shaw apologised to the defendants for the trial not going ahead

Amanda's Lawyer told the Judge that they had been left “in the dark” over the prosecution case.

Under legislation governing court procedure, the Crown Prosecution Service was required to serve evidence in sufficient time for the defence to prepare their case. But Richard Brigden, representing Doyle and Cawson, told the court the CPS were planning to rely on two and a half hours of CCTV footage during the case, which had not been served.

According to the CPS, the footage had been sent to Merseyside Police for editing.

Judge Shaw said: He said: “I’m not being critical of the defence, because this does appear to be a prosecution problem, but the law requires both sides to be pro-active and I’m not seeing letters in September, October, November. I’m not seeing letters to the court explaining the problem.”

He adjourned the trial until February 9.

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