Tuesday 29 October 2013

KHT refer tenant's children to Social Services over rent arrears.

KHT (Knowsley Housing Trust) recently sent one of their Tenants a letter stating that they were applying to evict them because of rent arrears.

The letter went on to say, that in the event of the Tenant being made homeless, KHT would refer their children to Social services.

On 1st Nov 2013, after becoming aware of this letter being shared over the internet and on social media, KHT issued a statement on their website.

Their statement published on the KHT website is as follows:

"Review of our customer communications
Following comments made across our social media channels with regard to a letter we sent one of our customers, we are now prioritising a review into how we communicate with our tenants.

Ian Thomson, Executive Director of Assets at KHT:

‘Many thanks for bringing this to our attention, I have looked into it and have discussed with our income team and although the intention is to be supportive this does not come across as we would have wanted it to in the way that the letter has been worded. As such, this will be reviewed as a priority’"

Link to KHT statement

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